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Cape Verde Tips - 'About The Island'

Hopefully you will have reached this page after skirting around the site and discovering things you didn't know or some info which has given you something to think about.

All the islands differ as regards what they have to offer, with more happening on Sal for tourists than on other islands. With that said, we will try and promote activities and places on other islands but until this information is provided to us, the main activities promoted will be on the islands actively wanting to promote their businesses and services with us.

On the right side of the page you will find links to new 'island pages' that are being updated as information is provided to us. A number of Expats, visitors, property and business owners are providing information for those island pages. We hope to develop these pages further.

There are obviously other websites and books which you can look at which will provide more information on the culture, diaspora, nature that we may only touch on within this website, but every source of information you come across will hopefully provide you with the information you seek.

Cape Verde Tips - 'Quick Links'

The 'White Pages' were set up (on the previous home page of Cape Verde Tips) as a set of 'Quick Links' to pages that provided useful information about Sal Island. It was also a Travel Guide for those looking to find out more about Sal Island, Cape Verde.

As this new design templates for Cape Verde Tips has a different layout, we have looked at ways to incorporate and set up similar and new sets of 'Quick Links' on the new site as well as retain some of the 'useful information', then slide them into relevant pages on a particular or similar topic.

In addition to these, other sets of quick links will appear on pages to news, events, frequently asked questions (FAQ), literature, blogs etc that may also be relevant to a topic.

You will find some example sets of quick links below,  that have been set up on the new site or transferred and updated from the old site, these or other sets of information links will appear on many other pages, depending on the subjects or topic. However, before you start opening the links below, don't forget the template links on the right side of the pages which provide further and relevant information you may want to open first....... Before you get lost in information and within Cape Verde Tips!

Investing in Property

Fishing - Santa Maria

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Visa Options

There are a few ways to obtain and extend your visa.

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